Coos County Community

Spay/Neuter Program

92960 Southport Ln, Coos Bay, OR 97420



We are booked out with thru January.

We will open the applications up again the beginning of January to schedule for February.


Open to Coos County residents. 

Valid picture ID and proof of residence required.

Must be 18 years of age or older.

This program is NOT for breeders or people who plan to sell their pet for profit.  By submitting an application you are verifying that the animal listed is either a personal pet, or a neighborhood feral cat that you plan to trap/fix/release

back to your neighborhood.

Snipped has announced that they will no longer be spaying/neutering any animals older than 5 or male cats/dogs that are cryptorchid (only 1 testicle dropped).

Please do not apply if you do not plan on showing up!

No-shows stop others from being able to have that spot.

Spaces are limited and are on usually on Mondays.

Drop off at 7:30 am, pick up that afternoon.

Submit the online application. Someone will e-mail you to schedule your appointment. They will also e-mail you the month before your appointment about picking up your voucher. 


If you don't respond, you will loose your spot, so watch your e-mails!  Check your Spam box, we usually respond within 24 hours.


Animals will be dropped off and picked up at the Snipped Clinic, 132 N. Wasson St in Coos Bay, (541) 808-2377.  Transportation is the responsibility of the owner.


We will pay for the surgery only, any additional costs i.e. pain control  ($10) will be paid directly to the clinic by the owner at time of service.  If you have an e-collar please bring it with you.


If you miss your appointment you will have to give Snipped a $30 refundable deposit before you can be re-scheduled.




No food after 9:00PM the night prior to surgery for all patients 4 months or older. Water is fine. If your pet is 4 months and younger, we ask that you please give them a spoonful of food the morning of their appointment.


Cats need to be brought in separate carriers, please no loose cats or cats brought wrapped in blankets. If you do not have a carrier a cardboard cat carrier will be provided for $10.


For your pets health and safety and the health and safety of our staff hard sided pet carriers work best.


Leashes for dogs are fine.


If your animal is timid or appears to be nervous around other humans we may ask you to assist us with your animal for the health and safety of your pet and the health and safety of our staff.