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While the hope is always to reunite lost pets with their owners, the reality is many strays are never claimed.


When a stray comes into the shelter it is held for 3 business days - this gives the owner a chance to find their pet.  After the 3rd day, in accordance with the county guidelines, that animal becomes property of the county and is eligible for adoption.


All dogs & cats are spayed/neutered before being adopted out to help combat the over population problems of this area.  They are wormed, flea treated and given basic vaccines. 

The new owner also receives a voucher for a free exam at one of our local participating veterinarians.


Adoption fees are based on the age and adaptability of the animal, and therefore vary.  The average fee for cats is $65 - $75, the fee for dogs average $100- $150.  Contact the  ASO for each animal’s adoption fee.

To see some of the animals currently available checkout their Facebook page or go to  We try to keep these sites current but not all of our animals may be listed so feel free to call the shelter itself. 



Tuesday - Saturday

Noon to 4 pm


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