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Coos County Animal Shelter
92960 Southport Rd, Coos Bay, OR

The shelter is a part of the Coos County Sheriff's Department. 


It is operated in accordance with the laws and guidelines set forth by the county. 


The shelter staff includes Animal Control Officers and the Shelter Operator. 

The two bodies work together to ensure the safety and well being of domestic animals and the people those animals come in contact with.


The Animal Control Officer’s duties include responding to calls about

animals-at-large and investigating allegations of animal abuse/neglect.


The Animal Shelter Operator cares for animals brought into the shelter. Beyond food, shelter, and cleaning, the ASO administers basic medical care (vaccines, worming, flea treating, arranging for spay/neuters), care for any injuries, and does basic behavior evaluations of each animal to ensure they are not a risk to others.  They are also responsible for re-homing strays and unwanted animals, and the record keeping of each animal and their care while in that facility.

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